Your business is in a rut. 

And it may look a lot like the usual rise and grind of to-do lists, paying off debt, family gatherings, + friends' watch parties... 

 plus a lot of other stuff you have to stay on top of like your health and neglected hobbies... 

finished off by the dreams you can only speak of after a couple drinks because you’re scared of sounding crazy. 

Or are you actually too overwhelmed to even admit it to yourself?

You grew your business so fast. The details really didn’t matter.  

Until they do....

  • You are 10 minutes away from getting on a community call and realize your team hasn't told them about it....
  • You remind your team about a SOP that answers their exact question, if they just would follow it
  • You're so focused on client acquisition that properly training your team hasn't been a priority
  • You're not a details person, but how you've been working isn't working anymore (for you AND your team)

I get it. You're scaling!

Newsflash: it's caught up to you and will only hurt your business from here on out.

Don't worry - I'm here to help!

I've helped over 70 people with their operational gunk one-on-one for the past 2 years...

There is nothing you would show me that I haven't seen before. 

You’re great at the vision and plotting for what’s next in your business. 

Let's make that an actual reality!  

What if you could... 

  • Buy that office space you've been dreaming about for years
  • Go to Santorini just because
  • Let go of all the roles you have in your company

Join me for 3 uninterrupted days + 10x your business growth!



In Dallas, Texas

This weekend is PERFECT for you if you...

  • Have to check up on your team constantly
  • Can't find what you're looking for in less than 3 minutes
  • Delay projects because of silly unnecessary mistakes
  • Want to stick to the visionary role and have your team OWN their tasks 

Let's go over an example of what we could do in our 3 whole days together!


Arrive in Dallas Texas (DFW or DAL) and enjoy a smooth ride over to Systems Saved Me HQ 

Discuss your current team hierarchy while establishing new roles + responsibilities

Determine ideals for meetings and communication practices

Get settled into the Statler Hotel + enjoy dinner downtown


Create a list of processes associated with new organizational chart 

Refresh your project management system (Asana, Trello) to reflect only LIVE projects 

Organize your filing system (Dropbox, Google Drive) to easily find everything 

Tidy up your inbox so you have stellar customer support + clear email management rules 

Clean any broken links on your website (Wordpress, Squarespace)

Ensure failed payments + client cashflow is rocking


Finish off any leftovers from Day 1 and Day 2 so you can go home with very few to-do items

Fly home + relax after the most productive weekend of your life

Where is the 10X Immersion Weekend?

In the amazing Dallas, Texas!

You'll be pampered at one of my favorite swanky downtown hotels: The Statler!

But how much is all this?

Well there are two opportunities...

You get me all to yourself $5,000 

You, Me + 3 Baller Entrepreneurs $3,000 

So what all is included in the price?

2 Night Stay at The Statler Hotel

All Meals: Breakfast, Lunch + Dinner

My Genius (+ Humor) At Your Service


1 Fill out a form + schedule a time for us to chat!

2 Refer to Step 1. It's that easy.

Want to know more about me?

Hey! I'm Jordan Gill + I run Systems Saved Me, a business operations firm.

I've been on the stages of She's Building Her Empire, Creative CEO Conference, Success Without Sacrifice, and Blog Like a Boss Brunch while also being featured in Belong Magazine!  

I've also had the pleasure of being interviewed on Creative Empire Podcast, Profit Planner, The Real Female Entrepreneur, Business Building Rockstars, Kickass Masterminds, and CEO Stories.  

Jordan lives in Dallas with her cavapoo Vivienne and loves to indulge in some true southern bbq. 


SO WHAT EXACTLY IS THIS THING? 10X Immersion Weekends are 3 days where we clean out and operatonally streamline your business for you to make major moves in your next phase of business. You take your car to get an oil change. You get that bang trim every 4 weeks. Why haven't you cleaned your business since you started? Don't be a hoarder. It isn't cute.

WHEN ARE THE 10X IMMERSION WEEKENDS? I only release dates to those who are really interested. I have 2 weekends every month that are open to either a 1:1 or a Quad. 

WHAT DO I NEED TO PREPARE BEFORE A 10X WEEKEND? I will send you a questionnaire to fill out prior to, but when you arrive is when the real juice happens. You fill out a questionnaire just so I can prepare the agenda according to your needs.

IF I DO A QUAD, WHO ELSE IS COMING? I try to curate the groups as much as possible, but you know if someone is coming to a weekend like this, you'll feel a camaraderie real quick. I will refuse money if the values of the person don't align with mine. I'm all about serving, not just the dollars and cents (although money is fabulous). So be excited to meet other dope humans. Don't worry - everyone gets their own hotel room. This isn't summer camp.

WHAT DAYS ARE THE 10X IMMERSION WEEKENDS GOOD FOR? We suggest you arrive anytime before 12pm CST on the Friday of the weekend if possible. Then we suggest leaving anytime after 3pm on the Sunday of that weekend. Or you can just stay forever and you'll just be part of my plan that includes "everyone move to Dallas so Jordan can be happy." 

WHAT IF I HAVE FOOD SENSITIVITIES/ALLERGIES? Trust. You are in good hands. I'm Celiac with dairy and egg allergies. I always choose restaurants and food that is accommodating to everyone. 

DO WE TAKE BREAKS? I MIGHT GET OVERWHELMED WITH THE DETAILS... Le duh. Pool breaks. Walk breaks. New Girl on Netflix breaks. We build these in as we go.